Debates #4: Robert Sungenis (CAI) versus Matt Slick (CARM)


“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” ~ Saint Jerome

Robert A. Sungenis was raised a Catholic, but he became a Protestant when he was 19. He returned to the Catholic Church when he became 37. He used to be the principle author of a book criticizing the eschatological views of prominent Protestant and Harold Camping. The reason why he converted to Catholicism is because he got a surprise by Truth books edited by Catholic apologist and the author Patrick Madrid. He’d controverted on doctrinal, historical, and theological issues with many Protestant apologists such as Dave Hunt, James R. White, Robert Godfrey, Robert Zins, and Michael Horton. He is renowned for the apologetics and geocentrism.

He is now the president of Catholic Apologetics International (CAI), which evangelizes the Catholic Faith. Also he had been in charges of Preacher, elder, and adult Sunday school director in several Protestant Churches. He is not only an apologist, but also an author, and sometimes appears as a guest speaker on various radio programs. He got his B.A. in Religion from George Washington University at the age of 24, and at the age of 27, he got the M.A. in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary. In April 2006, he got a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Calamus international University.

Kindly enjoy his recent debate with Matt Slick:

Matt Slick and Dr. Sungenis Debate


  1. Hi Gadel:
    Thanks a lot for the link.
    Robert fulminated that Slick person. He thinks that making “phew” & another noises he is actually making an argument. He was actually rude, and Robert quite polite.
    Truly, this people have such a darken minds that one wonders if the Holy Spirit will be taken away from them at some point with no return…
    Resisting the truth is nothing else but a grave mortal sin.
    God bless,
    Rob Nicodemo

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