Debates #5: Tim Staples (Catholic Answers) versus Steve Gregg (The Narrow Path)


“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” ~ Saint Jerome

Tim Staples is Director of Apologetics and Evangelization at
Catholic Answers, but he was not always Catholic. Tim was raised a
Southern Baptist. Although he fell away from the faith of his childhood,
Tim came back to faith in Christ during his late teen years through the
witness of Christian televangelists. Soon after, Tim joined the Marine
Corps. During his four-year tour, he became involved in ministry with
various Assemblies of God communities. Immediately after his tour of
duty, Tim enrolled in Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and became a youth
minister in an Assembly of God community.

During his final year in the Marines, however, Tim met a Marine
who really knew his faith and challenged Tim to study Catholicism from
Catholic and historical sources. That encounter sparked a two-year
search for the truth. Tim was determined to prove Catholicism wrong, but
he ended up studying his way to the last place he thought he would ever
end up: the Catholic Church!

He converted to Catholicism in 1988 and spent the following six
years in formation for the priesthood, earning a degree in philosophy
from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Overbrook, Pennsylvania. He then
studied theology on a graduate level at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in
Emmitsburg, Maryland, for two years.

Realizing that his calling was not to the priesthood, Tim left the
seminary in 1994 and has been working in Catholic apologetics and
evangelization ever since.

Steve Gregg is an Evangelical Christian Apologist and the host of The Narrow Path broadcast.

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  1. When you post something in your website, that does any restriction, meaning , you are allowing others to view it and share it.

    God bless !

  2. Tried to listen to Steve Gregg and Tim Staples. LOTS or interference/background noise. Impossible/annoying to listen to recordings, i tried all of them..

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