Evangelical claims about Hell and more such questions

Sts. Peter and Paul Catechism Ministry
Sts. Peter and Paul Catechism Ministry

An exchange between me Godwin Delali Adadzie and Catholic apologist Mark Joseph Bonocore some years ago when I was still learning more about the Catholic faith. It was formerly hosted on my Catholic apologetics ministry’s site Sts. Peter and Paul Catechism Ministry.

To the point, There is some radio station in Ghana that broadcast some of the Evangelical claims about some people believed to have died and went through “hell ” and mysteriously saw some things there, how souls were being tortured and some souls warning them not to come to “this place”.

That cannot be a true vision of hell. Think about it. People who are in hell cannot be charitable. Only a virtuous person can think of the welfare of someone else when they themselves are in absolute agony. And so, a soul in hell would not bother to warn someone not to come there. A soul in hell would not care if someone else ended up in hell or not. So, this radio show is presenting false visions of hell. That is obvious for anyone who knows the Bible and fundamental Christian theology.

Most of these people I believe are Fundamentalist, they record some strange screaming sounds and stuff like that.
I believe one of the preachers of such claims is Prophetess ***(Name withheld) among others.

🙂 She may claim to be whatever she likes. The fact remains that souls in hell are not able to express selfless charity toward someone else. Thus, she shows herself to be a false prophetess by claiming that it is otherwise.

How should a Catholic react/ respond to such claims.
They go on to say “there is nothing like Purgatory…. Catholicism is a false religion.”

Well, they themselves show that their religion is false when they claim that souls in hell can care about the welfare of other people. Think about your own experience or pain in this world: If you were in great pain –pain that was so bad that you could barely bear it, and a friend of yours came and wanted you to help him with his homework while you were in the midst of tremendous suffering, wouldn’t you tell him to go away, if not curse at him and call him a fool for bothering you while you are in such pain??? Well, if that’s how you or I would react in such a situation, can you image how the souls of wicked people in hell would feel about people who are still alive? Hell is the most painful experience a human being can suffer. When someone is suffering in hell, they simply do not care about the welfare of anyone else. Such a person would not be able to care. So, when this so-called “Prophetess” says that people in hell warn the living not to go there, she is clearly contradicting Biblical truth and presenting false and unrealistic doctrine. Any believing Christian must admit this.

Hope that helps.

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