Herman Cain for President because President O is a failed whale!

I might NOT be American and so do not qualify to vote, however, I think President O is NOW A FAILED WHALE so America needs an urgent solution. This solution is in the person of Mr. Herman Cain.

Herman Cain for President
Herman Cain for President

fail we can believe in

America needs a real leader with real solutions!

Sample opinions from everyday Americans courtesy of http://www.hermancain.com

“I like Herman Cain because I agree with Common Sense Solutions, because he is a successful businessman, and because he is a man of character.” Tim Beasley

“I appreciate his clear no nonsense take on the government. I believe he has a clear vision to reduce government size and regulation.” Susan Valentine

“I’m excited about Herman Cain because he is not a politician; he understands the founding principles and the Constitution.” Stella Lohmann

“I’m excited about Herman Cain because he is not a politician; he understands the founding principles and the Constitution.” Stella Lohmann

“He is real and has real solutions.” Nancie Reherman

“He is not a politician! He can put complex things in a very simple way.” Mike Moss

“I like Herman Cain because he is not afraid to speak his mind and he tells it like it is. He is the ‘common sense’ candidate! He loves our country!” Mary McCane

“He is the best candidate because he is not corrupted by Washington D.C. His business background and experience make him more qualified than any other candidate.” Lynne Whitaker

“I’m excited about Herman Cain because he will bring real change to Washington D.C.” LeAnn Sutherland

“As a business man, Herman Cain appears to be the right fit for the problems we are facing as a nation. He knows how to analyze and prioritize.” Karen T

“I like Herman Cain because he is not a career politician and will stand for what’s right rather than what will gain him political brownie points.” Joy Andreason

“Finally a man who talks plainly with common sense and wisdom! I am excited to see Mr. Cain enter the race!” John Hester

“Herman Cain is the type of leader this country needs. He is a genuine and trustworthy man and most importantly, he is not a politician!” Joe Losurdo

“Herman Cain is a conservative businessman. This is what America needs now!” Jim Gideon

“Honesty, principled, faithful, dynamic, energetic: Herman Cain is the embodiment of these qualities which are so lacking in the political realm. He believes in the power of the common man.” Jef Fincher

“With courage, intelligence, integrity and conviction, Herman Cain relentlessly pursues freedom and truth, while inspiring Americans to reach for their best.” Florence Johnson

“Too often people vote solely based on their charisma. I’m excited about Herman Cain because he offers both charisma and substance.” Eric Condia

“I like his positive attitude and what he says we need to do to take care of our country.” Edna W

“I’m excited because Herman Cain is not politics as usual. He gets to the point and can explain policies in a way everyone can understand.” Denise Moss

“I like Herman Cain because he has common sense solutions to issues.” Daniel Stone

“I like Herman Cain because he is a man of integrity. He supports the Fair Tax and he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.” Cathy Gideon

“Herman has the best ideas and most direct approach to get America back on track and to keep us the greatest country on earth!” Bobbi Serra

I personally believe his message sells and I’ve bought into his message. What about you? He doesn’t even use a teleprompter, he is the man for the job USA! He is the real deal. Not the failed whale! Vote for right! Vote for conscience! Vote for pro-life! Vote for the economic issues! Vote for Mr. Herman Cain! Thank you and God bless America and the whole world. Amen.

One comment

  1. I’m on board the Cain Train. It’s time we had a President who isn’t willing to let Americans settle for 2nd place and that it is not in our DNA. He says we can outgrow China and I believe him. They will not be overtaking us in 5 yrs with him as our leader. We will be prosperous once more if we can just get this great American into the White House.

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