Youtube Viral Videos Secrets Exposed!

YouTube is a success because of one thing; its viral videos! YouTube survives in the social video market because of the constant viral videos that are uploaded to their servers on a daily basis. I’ll be exposing how some of these videos become viral and the brains behind them. It’s a very interesting jungle out there on YouTube.

youtube viral video campaign

Do you dream of having your videos being among the top videos of the day on YouTube? Would you like to know how to improve on your videos on YouTube to have 1000s of comments, ratings and 100,000 plus views? Well, I’ll attempt to expose some of the tricks behind the success of most of the viral videos on the Internet today.

Before I begin below are some videos that have traveled all around the Internet and have been posted on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blogs among others.

Miss Teen South Carolina answers a question

Mel’s Hidden Talent!!!

Remember: Honesty is the only option for long term viral video success!

Now it is time to expose the many strategies behind most viral videos you watch on the Internet.

Secret #1 Like most adverts on traditional media, not all viral videos are what they seem.


How to Hack Video Screens in Times Square (Limitless)

In this video a guy with an iPhone hacks into electric signs at Times Square. This is fake! It’s a video made by a a viral marketing company called Thinkmodo. This means they promote the video. I’ll be exposing how these videos are promoted later.

Evan Longoria’s Crazy Bare Hand Catch

In this video Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria gallantly saves a female reporter from being impaled by a baseball with a hard-to-believe barehanded catch.

Are You My Man in the Jacket?

In this video an attractive Aussie woman met this guy a few days ago and, she can’t stop thinking about him. Luckily, he left his Witchery jacket behind.

Secret #2 For a video to really go viral on YouTube it must be short. Yes, make it short: 15-120 seconds is ideal.

Secret #3 Don’t make people feel that the YouTube video is an ad unless the video is really great.

Secret #4 Make the YouTube video shocking. This will make it spark comments from viewers and they would likely share it on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Now the top secrets for most videos that goes viral on YouTube today:

1. Sex sells! Video marketers know this. Hollywood knows this. Most companies know this and they use it. Some top viral videos on YouTube appeal to sex. They usually hire pretty young models to feature in the making of the viral videos. This is a fact!

2. Most YouTube videos use fake headlines. Yes! This is done by some newspapers and other traditional media as well. Viral marketers use the most appealing titles they can image and this draws the attention of viewers.

3. Most YouTube videos that you see as a viral success are in fact made by top viral marketing firms. These marketing firms pay people to blog about these videos, send links to top influencers on Twitter and Facebook. They pay many top bloggers to spark the viral flame within the shortest possible time. These are marketing secrets that viral video marketing companies would not openly admit to.

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