An Open Challenge to The Lesbian and Gay Community

Gay Straight Alliance Network International (GSANI)
International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO)
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex Law Association (ILGLaw)
Global Respect In Education (GRIN)
International Association of Gay and Lesbian Esperantists (LSG)
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) etc.

I humbly ask the entire Lesbian and Gay community to take up my SIMPLE BUT PRACTICAL CHALLENGE. If they pass I’ll join them, but if they fail then they should come back home.


  1. You belittle the lgbt community by using math. If you understood the fields of psychology and biology as well as you feel you understand the field of mathematical equations in algebra, you would come to the conclusion that there are evolutionary benefits to the existence of homosexuals as well. You can not apply mathematical equations to something that needs to be explained through psychology and biology. And yes, homosexuality can be explained through these methods. Many people just ignore the literature to pursue their hateful and disgusting challenges for silly reasons that my evolved brain has not found a way to describe.

  2. If the sole purpose of sex is breeding, by your logic, than infertile heterosexuals should not be allowed to have sex with or marry each other, and neither should the elderly after menopause has set in. Similarly, you cannot simply make up math equations to prove your point. I could just as easily say x (cheese) + y (bread) = z (sandwich), therefore anyone who eats any other kind of sandwich is wrong. Sex is now not the only way to lead to pregnancy. There is artificial insemination and adoption. If a group of gay people lived alone in a community for a hundred years, think of how many children they could save from living terrible lives by giving them a safe home. And if you’re going to say that that would turn all of the adopted children gay, that is false. Most children of gay parents are not gay just like not all children of straight parents are straight.

    I have no problem with people expressing their opinion or having a different opinion than myself, but your challenge is meant to belittle and ostracize others. So, here is my challenge to you: Have an open-minded discussion with a gay person in which you actively seek to understand their sexuality, do a little research on the fact that people are born gay, and do not seek to put others down.

  3. lipstickchick1: The point is you still need a man to make a baby, whether or not you include him in the child’s life. Just because technology has paved the way to pregnancy without intimacy doesn’t mean the male is not needed in procreation.

  4. Well, no one must care about evolutionary or any other benefits, if it is clearly expressed in the Bible that it is nothing more and else than a sin and God strongly prohibits and severely punishes it. It being a sin, therefore punished by God, has never been a question.

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