Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?

Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?
Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?

An eerie figure appears to stand on a cloud high in the mountains, arms outstretched, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. To complete the picture, the figure is crowned with a perfect halo of light.

Amateur photographer Luc Perrot was stunned when he saw the apparition 2,000ft up on top of the volcanic Cirque of Mafate peak, on the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.

Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?
Jesus, Jesus-like figure or an Angel on a cloud?

The Frenchman had climbed the mountain to record a time-lapse video of the movement of the clouds on July 10 this year.

From: Sun and the holy ghost (complete with a halo of light): Jesus is seen standing on a cloud by Daily Mail.


  1. true angels don’t have wings. they can fly by they own will and concentration. Once when you are on the other side…(heaven) you will know and see 🙂

    these words are the holy and only truth. 🙂

    Written by the follower of Jozef Rulof. The greatest awakened medium.

    if you’ll read his books you will know whats life is all about ;).

    Sending you all my GODS LOVE

  2. I am a Christian Apologist, however, this image is commonly called a Pilot’s Halo and occurs whenever you have a cloud at 180 degrees from a physical object and the sun. If conditions are right it can be seen from both sides as was true at the funeral for the executives of In & Out Burger. There, a small plane like the one they were killed in bent the suns rays and they were in the plane shadow, and so saw the halo. There too, everyone said it was a miracle. It is not.
    In this case, you are looking at the shadow of the photographer. Note the bright sun reflection close to the shadow and then the halo farther out.
    When flying, pay attention and see if you can see the plane’s shadow on clouds, you will likely see the same phenomena.
    As for Robins comment about the 21st century, time has nothing to do with this.
    As for Kabi, I would suggest reading the Bible to see if Angels have wings, if the Bible is true, then, they do have wings, and one type is described as having two sets of wings. You will need to determine if you are going to believe the Bible or not. I do. People who have near death experiences have seen people, not necessarily angels. Dead people don’t have wings, and are not angels.
    Nice picture.

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