Atheism: Nothing creating everything?

In his book “Why I Am Not a Christian” the philosopher Bertrand Russell said: “If everything must have a cause, then God must have a cause.”

Russell there fell back on a misrepresentation. We do not say that everything must have a cause. We say that everything which does not contain within itself sufficient reason to account for its own existence must have a cause apart from itself. The material universe confronting us is a collection of finite, dependent, ever-changing elements. It is not selfexplanatory; but it is there and reason cannot find within it the explanation of why it is there. So the mind of man reaches out beyond it to the existence of One who is different in kind from the things around us – One who owes nothing, not even the fact that He exists – to anything else. The universe must owe its existence to a self-existent Being whom we called God, who is the Cause of all things other than himself, He himself being the Uncaused Creator of them. Bertrand Russell suffered from a mental blockage where religion was concerned. In a TV interview in 1958 he told his listeners that he thought his unbelief went back to a nightmare he had during a dream when he was a child only six years of age. Apparently all his philosophy had never emancipated him from the resultant obsession.

Awareness of God, Question 6 from Radio Replies Volume V Copyright © 1972 (by Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble, M.S.C. and Rev. Charles Mortimer Carty).

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