Mysterious Highlands and Sacred Places

Did you ever wonder why some places seem so special? How is it that some spots are sites of the miraculous? What are the dynamics of Heaven?

There is the grotto at Lourdes.

There is the chapel of the Miraculous Medal.

There is the chapel at Fatima. There is Mount Tabor.

There is Mount Kricevac in Hercegovina.

It’s curious how so many of these places involve mountains — or at least highlands.

Lourdes is in the Pyrenees. Fatima is on a hill. So was Guadalupe. LaSalette is atop a 10,000-foot mountain (in the French Alps)! In Spain are sites way up in the Cantabrians. Years ago, I visited an apparition higher yet in the Andes of Ecuador. There is Montserrat.

Christ transfigured on a mountain, and we all know where Moses received the Ten Commandments. It certainly seems like height plays into the picture. But it is not only highlands. There are anointed places, where it is like the Finger of God has deigned to touch the earth. Call them “portals.” At Betania, Venezuela, which the Church has declared as “sacred ground,” an apparition met with formal approval at this spot where all kinds of phenomena — sun miracles, lights forming holy figures like Mary, and healings — abound.


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