Media War on Africa and Qaddafi as the Victim

Muammar Gaddafi
Muammar Gaddafi

It’s very interesting when  rebels on the side of the  West are proudly called Freedom Fighters. On the other hand, rebels against Western ideologies are shamefully tagged and condemned as Terrorist. Isn’t this a double standard? Well time will definitely tell. I truly believe that although Muammar Gaddafi had some short comings, he wasn’t what the popular media portrayed him to be. I know this as fact as I know how the African continent is ignorantly depicted as a continent of Hell; full of poverty, diseases, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS among others. It seems like some people up there like to paint one side of the story repeatedly so that it becomes what they want it to be — the truth (at least according to their relativism). It’s a shame how most of Europe has become Atheistic and America a big fat Pagan nation — almost :).

I think Lizzy Phelan testimony on the NATO lead war in Libya is quite credible.

I ‘prophetically’ suspect that if there would ever be a World War 3, it would be as a result of the importation of Western democracy on other countries that would spake a feud of Russia and China on Europe and the United States of America. If this happens, it is clear that more than half of Europe shall be destroyed and USA shall lose the war terribly too. Western civilization is on the edge of the cliff with some few inches left for it to turn around quickly or collapse completely. It’s a shame how the the Media has become unprecedentedly biased. Lord have mercy on Your people. Amen.

Remember: People will pay more for lies than for the truth.


  1. Hi Gadel,

    I was opposed to this war right from the outset. I knew this was not going to be a ‘humanitarian’ mission as western leaders proclaimed it would be. The ulterior motive was regime change and the exploitation of Libya’s resources and assets. I was really shocked how the western media was so blatantly biased in their reporting. Even the BBC acted like NATO’s media partner. One of the few media outlets I found reasonably neutral was Russia Today.

    This is what happens when countries degenerate – they become brutal, greedy and downright immoral. Europe is largely atheist today and America, although it still has a significant practicing Christian population, is ruled by an elite infiltrated by masons.

    I’m sure Gaddafi was not as bad as the media made him out be. There was no mass killing of people in Benghazi. He was just an irritant to the west because he refused to kowtow to their diktats. His brutal death was a war crime, and the media triumphalism over it was truly sickening.

    There’s not much justice in this world, but ultimately everyone will get their just deserts from God. Those who pretend to be highly civil and upright, yet commit the most monstrous crimes, won’t get away forever.

    Best wishes,

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