Education is Priceless on IGNITUM TODAY

Education is Priceless is my latest post on IGNITUM TODAY. Kindly check it out over here.

There is an Arabic proverb about Education that goes like this, “Seek education from the cradle to the grave.” This is very true indeed. I have seen some arguments and sentiments about whether attaining education in a secular or sacred institution make a difference in ones life. Well, I cannot speak for another but myself. But before that, fellow IGNITUM TODAY contributor, Anna Williams, has a superb piece on the issue of Catholic Education. I’ll love to borrow her quote here:

Education is defined more by the student than by the teacher, because what you bring into the classroom affects what you get out of it. If you bring faith into your secular studies, each realm can light up the other. History, literature, art, politics, philosophy — your faith gives you a new perspective on all these, and all these give you a new perspective on your faith.