Your Beautiful Scars


Joseyphina's World


Always wondered why the indelible scars;
Thought they were from a difficult childhood;
But now I look back at how I grew up;
And look carefully at your photos;
I realized those scars were born because of me;

I remember everything you went through for me;
I realize you gave up more than you ought to;
Instead of reaching higher in life;
You placed me on your shoulders so that I would;

I regret now for ever thinking that you never loved me;
For doubting if I actually was born out of you;
You’ve loved me in a way so divine;
You loved me even when I didn’t realize it.

I will always remain grateful to you;
Will always be in your debt;
For giving up on your comfort
So I would enjoy life’s luxuries;

Always despised scars;
But that was until I understood yours;
They are a reminder…

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